Biography of Walter Guevara Arze (1912-1996)

Politician and lawyer Bolivian born in Cochabamba on March 11, 1912.

PhD in law from the Universidad de San Andrés, La Paz, was the postgraduate diploma of social science at the University of Chicago. Along with Víctor Paz Estensoro and Hernan Siles Suazo formed the previously famous revolutionary national movement (MNR).

Lawyer and internationalist, he/she served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the presidential term of peace Estensoro, from 1952 to 1956, and identical charge in the following administration of Siles Suazo, from 1956 to 1960. One of the most experienced members of Parliament was also of all those who were elected as such.

During the Government of Siles Suazo, he/she worked as Minister of the Interior and, later, was Ambassador of Bolivia to the Organization of American States and United Nations. In the Decade of the 1960s, the MNR leader dome discrepancies quickly became the Schism which divided this party in four sectors. Guevara Arze appeared on the scene in front of the dissident groups and ended up creating his own Partido Revolucionario authentic (PRA).

Became one of the harsher opponents to the regime's heavy hand of general Hugo Banzer, especially in international policy. In August 1979 he/she was elected constitutional President of Bolivia to temporarily govern for a year. After three days of intense sessions, Guevara was appointed, when he/she was President of the Senate, as a man of transition able to facilitate a solution to the impasse in which the legislature was plunged. But shortly was overthrown, afterwards, by the State of the general Alberto Natusch coup, on November 1, 1979, known as the Halloween massacre.

From 1983 he/she was Ambassador of his country in Venezuela. In the general elections of May 7, 1989, he/she attended as a candidate for the Vice Presidency by the nationalist revolutionary movement (MNR).

Author of the books: thesis of Ayopaya, theory, means and ends of the national revolution, and radiography of bargaining in Chile.