Biography of John Guillermin (1925-VVVV)

Director of British cinema, born in London on November 11, 1925.


John Guillermin is descended from French parents. After studying at the University of Cambridge, performs his first work as a collector of images in the bosom of the air forces (RAF) during the second world war, when filming documentaries about the conflict on French soil.

After learning during a time in Hollywood everything he/she could about cinema, his first films range from the adaptation of a play by Monckton Hoffe, Four Days (1951), until a story of adventure for children, Adventure in The Hopfields (1954), passing by a comedy, Miss Robin Hood (1952); even a co-production between USA and Spain, storm (1955), co-directed with Alfonso Acebal. For a couple of years delved into thrillers with titles such as Two on the Tiles (1950) or the whole truth (1958), again a theatrical adaptation, starring George Sanders and Donna Reed. That same year directed I went twice as Montgomery (1958); based on a real event, it tells the story of an impersonator who was recruited to take the place of general Montgomery. The great adventure of Tarzan (1959) was his next title, a movie full of anecdotes which starred Sean Connery and Anthony Quayle (both would benefit more than her: the first offered Dr.) Not and the second became part of the cast of Lawrence of Arabia). Guillermin would repeat with Tarzan three years later, but despite his wishes, none of the two actors will be incorporated to the cast of Tarzan in India (1962).

In the blue eagles (1966) Guillermin brought together George Peppard, Ursula Andress and James Mason. It was a project that should no doubt remind his days as a documentalist in the RAF, judging by the magnificent tomas airlines appearing in the film. In the next five years, Guillermin spared no resources. Orson Welles starred in house of cards (1968); The bridge of Remagen (1969) was filmed in Czechoslovakia, where it was necessary to evacuate the crew and the cast when in August 1968 Soviet tanks entered the country.

But nothing was like the biggest event emerged in the creative path of Guillermin: the towering Inferno (1974). Based on the novel The Tower, Richard Martin Stern and The Glass Inferno by Thomas N. Scortia and Frank M. Robinson, was filmed drawing the pull of the the Poseidon Adventure, which lent some child actors to the film. Their production was an innovation in Hollywood. For the time first two studios, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox were associated to make a film. This gives idea of the magnitude of the project, not only for its cast, which included Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Richard Chamberlain and Robert Wagner, among others, but because the necessary equipment - doubled - and by the staging, who needed 57 sets so it could roll history. While Guillermin directed to actors, Irwin Allen dealt with action scenes, and Jim Freeman filmed the aerial scenes; a team that brought more than 200 moments of physical danger for those who were, especially for specialists. The effort was worth it. Apart from revenue - widely exceeded the $ 14 million cost-, earned eight nominations to the Oscar, getting three statuettes: photography, installation and music.

In the next four years by Guillermin filmography still stood. King Kong (1976), a remake of the 1933 version which will star Jeff Bridges and Jessica Langewon an Oscar for special effects and the picture and sound were also nominated. The Golden Globes were who took charge of Jessica Lange, best actress debutant reward. The following title of Guillermin, death on the Nile (1978), was an exquisite adaptation of the novel by Agatha Christie, which featured an excellent cast; the film got the Oscar to costume design and was nominated for a Golden Globe in the category of foreign film. During the 1980s Guillermin resorted back to the jungle for their latest productions. Sheena, Queen of the jungle (1984), inheriting the characteristics of Tarzan and threw to stardom to the actress Tanya Roberts, while King Kong II (1987) tried to unsuccessfully to recover the Gorilla reef. His latest work to date was for television: The Tracker (1988), a drama starring Kris Kristofferson.


1949: Torment (and argument, screenplay and co-producer). 1951: Smart Alec, Two on The Tiles; Four Days.1952: His Excellency the sabreur; Miss Robin Hood.1953: Operation Diplomat (and coguion). 1954: The crowded Day; Adventure in the Hopfields.1955: Tormenta.1956: Town Trial.1957 on: all the verdad.1958: I was Montgomery.1959 twice: the great adventure of Tarzan (and screenplay). 1960: the robbery of the Bank of England; Up to the last breath (and screenplay). 1961: the greatest mujeriego.1962: Tarzan in the India (and coguion). 1964: cannons on Batasi.1965: Rapture.1966: azules.1967 Eagles: the path of the crimen.1968: naipes.1969 Castillo: Remagen.1970 Bridge: the condor.1972: alarm: flight 502 secuestrado.1973: Shaft in africa.1974: the Colossus in llamas.1976: King Kong.1978: death in the Nilo.1980: Mr. Patman.1984: Sheena, Queen of the selva.1987: King Kong II.1988: The Tracker (TV).