Biography of King of Inglaterra Guillermo III (1650-1702)

King of England, successor of James II, born in the Hague in 1650 and died in Kensington in 1702. His father was Guillermo II of Nassau, Prince of Orange, and statuder of the United provinces, and his mother was María Enriqueta Stuart, daughter of Carlos I of England.

He was elected statuder of the Netherlands in 1672. The French invasion of the United Provinces made that Guillermo took command of military operations and, despite some defeats, managed to sign an advantageous peace with the French in Nijmegen in 1678. The previous year he/she had married the daughter of Jacobo II, María, which was crucial to the signing of the peace treaty.

Relations with the English King, however, were not good, due to the approach of this to the King of France and his religious policy. Therefore, allied with the Duke of Marlborough to dethrone his father-in-law James and for that purpose it disembarked in England in 1688. He/She beat James and was proclaimed King with his wife. He/She had no problems so that you recognize him in Scotland, not in Ireland, where he/she had to use the strength of their armies. Settled in England, he/she devoted himself to the war against France in the United provinces, where not won great victories, despite which was signed the peace of Ryswick in 1697, in which Luis XIV recognized him as King of the English.

In England he/she left domestic politics in the hands of Parliament and above all supporters of the whig party. He/She devoted himself especially to foreign policy, in which the Pact signed with Luis XIV in the Hague, to be distributed in Spain and its empire to the death of Carlos IIin 1698 is significant. Immediately arose suspicion between both kings, the French King could not allow that to power maritime English sumase is that of the Spanish Empire and, moreover, the English did not see with good eyes the possible union of European powers of French and Spanish. In spite of this he/she was forced to accept the Duke of Anjou, the future of Felipe V, as King of Spain, although it got this resign their rights to the French throne. Since 1701, Guillermo headed the union of the European maritime powers opposed to France and Spain, opposition that grew with the support that Luis XIV granted to James III, as successor to the English throne. Guillermo perished because of a fall from his horse when the war broke out in Europe, was the year 1702. He/She died childless, he/she left the throne to his sister-in-law Anne.