Biography of King of Larsa Gungunum (1932-1906 a.C.)

(Gu-a-gu-nu-um) Fifth King of the dynasty of Larsa, era paleobabyllonican, son of Samium and brother of Zabaia, who was succeeded on the throne. Gungunum was who initiated the prosperity of the city-state of Larsa, opposing the aspirations of Isin, another rival city-state. Soon he/she began military campaigns in the area of the Elam (Bashime, on the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf, and Ma'anshan) in the third and fifth years of his reign. The inscription on a clay nail know that it was titled "King of Ur", city that took the King of Isin, Lipit-Ishtar. The control of this city, as well as that of Lagash, allowed him to revive maritime trade with Dilmun. In the 16th year of his reign he/she came to take possession of Susa; It also controlled Der and Uruk. This allowed him to title "King of Sumer and Akkad". Gungunum built different channels, restored temples and built or strengthened the walls of Larsa. He/She was succeeded by Abisare.