Biography of Familia Gutiérrez (s. XVI)

Family of engineers from the 16th century, formed by Diego father, Diego son, Sancho, and Luis. They triumphed in Seville, between 1534-1574, for his work on navigation and cartography.

diego Gutiérrez (father) was a Sevillian cosmographer. His three sons, Diego, Sancho and Luis, followed all of them the profession of his father, and made cards to navigate and instruments for pilots of Seville. Diego (father) and Sancho were linked to the Casa de la Contratación, and worked under the supervision of the higher pilot Sebastián Cabot, who was his protector.

Diego (son) succeeded his father, who served in the period 1534-1554 as responsible for letters cosmographer to navigate and instruments. Sancho achieved the title of cosmographer in 1553 and was appointed Professor of the art of navigation in 1569, and died in 1574. Luis had his own workshop. Gutiérrez family promoted corrected compass and map with two scales (latitude). Paris remains a planisphere attributed to Sancho; also survived by two beautiful maps of Diego (son). These sources are the few remains that give a key knowledge and cartographic technique of makers of the "Royal standard".



diego Gutiérrez, MS. maps of 1550, British Museum, and 1562, Viena.Sancho Gutiérrez, MS. planisphere with the recent discoveries of Villalobos in the Pacific with Pedro de Valdivia in Chile, 1551.


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