Biography of Haig (¿-2026 a.C.)

First Chief of the Armenian nation. He died around the year 2026 B.c. According to Moisés of Khorene, was son of Torgom, and grandson of Japheth. He lived in Babylon but the tyranny of Nimrod (Belo) forced him to leave the country. He went to Mount Ararat, submitted to the inhabitants of the neighboring regions and entrusted Government to his grandson Gadmo. He continued walking towards the Northwest and settled on the banks of the Euphrates, building up a population that was called Haigaschen. Belo wanted to pay him homage and sent troops to the effect, but was defeated and died in the fight. Haig enjoyed in peace of his Kingdom, and left it to his son Armenag, as says Moisés of Khorene.