Biography of Oliver Hardy (1892-1957)

Actor of American film, whose full name was Oliver Norvell Hardy, born in Harlem (Georgia) on January 18, 1892, and died in Hollywood, Los Angeles (California) on August 7, 1957.


Stem from a family of British migrants, the young Oliver, after studying at the Conservatory of Atlanta, chose to be singer in street groups and theatres of vaudeville who attend college. In 1910, when he was only 18, rode the first movie theatre in Milledgeville (Georgia), rather than attend the courses of law at the University. But in 1913, he left his career as entrepreneur to become actor Lubin Company from Florida, which also made adjutant general tasks. There, he acquired quickly great fame for its versatility, playing both roles wrong with westerns, or more comedians in comedies more dramatic when the occasion demanded it, being its official debut on the screen the short film Outwitting Dad, in 1913.

After three years with Lubin, Oliver Hardy specialized in the genre of comedy, and it appeared from 1916 until the early years of the Decade of the 1920s in comedy from Frank Baum and series as opponent comic of various comedians of high level in the United States, as Billy West, Earl Williams or Jimmy Aubrey. From 1921 he worked as an actor and Co-Director of the great Larry Semon comic short films, until in 1925, Hal Roach (who tried to revive the glory past with Harold Lloyd) hired him to be part of the cast of comedians called ' Hal Roach Comedy all-stars ', of which a part among other James Finlayson, Clyde Cook, Eugene PalletteMax Davidson, Noah Young, Anita Garvin, Mae Busch, and what would be his future companion of adventures over the next twenty-five years, Stan Laurel.

El Gordo y el Flaco


As a film actor: 1913: Outwitting Dad.1914: What I Forgot; The Rise of the Johnsons; Female Cop; Back to the farm. 1915: Who Stole the Doggies?; The Twin Sister; The Tramps, Spaghetti à la Mode; The Paperhanger completo Helper; The New Adventures of Rufus J. Wallingford; Never Again; Mother's Child; Matilda completo Legacy; Luke strike; Ethel completo Romeos; Charley completo Aunt; Babe's School Days; Artists and Models. 1916: What's Sauce for the Goose; The Water Cure; UPS and Downs; The Try Out; This Way Out; Thirty Days; Their Honeymoon; A Terrible Tragedy; Spaghetti; The Scholar; Royal Blood; Pipe Dreams; The Millionaire; A Maid to Order; Love and Duty; Life Savers; It Happened in Pikesville; Hungry Hearts; The Heroes; The Hero; Frenzied Finance; Edison Bugg completo Invention; Dreamy Knight; Dough Nuts; A Day at School; Chickens; The Candy Trail; The Brave Ones; Better Halves; Back Stage; An Aerial Joyride; The Precious Parcel; Stranded; The Lottery Man. 1917: The Slave; The Prospectors; He Winked and Won. 1918: The Villain; Playmates; King Solomon; Hello Trouble; The Chief Cook; The Artist. 1919: Scars and Stripes.1921: The Sawmill; Kid Speed; The Fly Cop. 1922: a Lucky Dog; Fortune completo Mask; Little Wildcat. 1923: One Stolen Night; The three ages (uncredited). 1924: The King of the Wild Horses; The Girl in the Limousine. 1925: Wandering Papas; Isn't Life Terrible; The Wizard of Oz; The Perfect Clown. 1926: madame Mystery; Long Flyv the King; Crazy Like a Fox; Be Your Age; Along Came Auntie; Stop, Look and Listen; The Gentle Cyclone; Thundering Flieas; The Nickel Hopper. 1927: Assistant Wives; Why Girls Say No; Should Men Walk Home?; No Man's Law; Fluttering Hearts; The Lighter That Failed. 1949: The Fighting Kentuckian/A Strange Caravan. 1950: Riding High.

As the Assistant of direction: 1926: Stop, Look and Listen.

El Gordo y el Flaco