Biography of Jean Harlow (1911-1937)

American actress, born in Kansas in 1911 and died on 7 June 1937, whose real name was Harlean Carpenter even though it is best known in the film world as Jean Harlow.

Her parents took her with 13 years to the Hollywood School for Girls. He made his first film in 1928 at the suggestion of a friend. His following films passed almost unnoticed, until he appeared alongside Laurel and Hardy: the young actress of golden hair and stunning bust, that would be later called "platinum blonde" is surprising everyone. It is the first actress of the "Star System" who became a sex symbol, in a manner sometimes rather gross. His first success came with Hell's Angels in 1930: there showed emphatically the character of talkative, exuberant, shameless and witty vampire giving fame. Jean Harlow, with excessive makeup and exaggerated acting, got that in Hollywood you classify it is in evil vampire and lewd lover of gangster roles. His image was softened with the monster of the city in 1932 and the technique of the actress was improving. That same year rolled the redhead: her hair was darker, less made-up face and his flawless performance; the vulgarity surrounding sexuality of actress disappears, and its appeal is shown in a more elegant way. His career continued on this path: success after success, improved each day as an actress, until 26 years old a cerebral edema ended his life. Among his films should note: cage of gold (1931), the public enemy (1931), Polvorilla (1933) and dinner at eight (1933).