Biography of Zsolt Harsányi (1887-1943)

Hungarian storyteller, born in Krompech in 1887 and died in Budapest in 1943. Author of extraordinary precocity in the culture of letters, at the age of nineteen was awarded by the Hungarian Academy, in what was the promising beginning of a brilliant literary career which ended up strengthening him as one of the great Hungarian prose writers of the twentieth century.

Clearly influenced by the European narrative of generations previous to yours, Zsolt Harsányi recovered (at least in relation to the treatment of genres within his literary) the romantic taste for the historical novel. It became, as well, in one of the greatest singers of the lost grandeur of the Hungarian Empire, and one of the most famous exaltadores of the historical past of his people. Among the titles in which these characteristics of the prose of Zsolt Harsányi become well patents, remember here of their narrations Ecce Homo (1935) and Magyar rapszodia (Hungarian Rhapsody, 1936).