Biography of Howard Hawks (1896-1977)

Howard Hawks.

American film director. His full name is Howard Winchester Hawks. Born in Indiana on May 30, 1896 and died on January 26, 1977. He felt attraction to mechanics at a young age. He studied Industrial mechanic engineering at the universities of New York and Passadena, and worked with racing cars (he went on to win one in Indianapolis circuit) and aircraft. During the first world war he served in maintenance of fighters, and at the end of the race continued building cars and planes. But the film attracted to him also, shot several short films and wrote several screenplays. Author of several comedies, the attention of his films focused on the voice, in the dialogues and plays on words, while the camera was, without sudden movements or strange positions, the look of the character. Another constant is the relationship between men and women and the relations of friendship between groups. It is considered one of the best leading women in his films: indeed, the treatment of the actresses done to each one of his best films of Hawks part. His films include: the road to glory, or the mirror of the soul (1926), Scarface, the terror of the underworld (1932), the city without law (1935), the beast of my girl (1938), only angels have wings (1938), new moon (1940) the Sergeant York (1941), ball of fire (1941), to have and have not (1944), the big sleep (1946), Red River (1948)Was it (1949) the bride, I feel to rejuvenate (1952), gentlemen prefer blondes (1953), land of the Pharaohs (1955), Rio Bravo (1959), Hatari (1962), or your favorite game (1963).


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