Biography of Anthonius Heinsius (1641-1720)

Great pension de Holland born in 1641 and died in 1720. He directed the public Dutch business, when Guillermo of Orange ascended the throne of England; He was one of the authors of the great Alliance with the Emperor, the King of England, of Prussia, the Duke of Saboya Víctor Amadeo, the King of Denmark and the elector of Hanover, against Luis XIV and Felipe V, with regard to the succession of Spain. He formed with Marlborough and Prince Eugenio, the triumvirate who directed the interests of the great Alliance, and which continually defeated the armies of Luis XIV. Put this monarch in such trouble that was willing to accept more humiliating conditions to make peace, making his grandson Felipe V renounced all claims to the Crown of Spain, and giving not only the Netherlands, but part of France to the Netherlands, when Queen Ana de Inglaterra, successor of Guillermo, changing policy, took the command from Marlborough and seceded from the Alliance calling the Tories to power. This change saved France, who could then achieve some victories against Prince Eugenio, and get a less costly peace. Made this, and it is in the Netherlands of the expenses of the war, was Heinsius made the target of violent accusations and attacks that much as his age, helped lead him to the grave.