Biography of Luis Alberto Heiremans (1928-1964)

Writer Chilean, born in 1928 and died in 1964, considered one of the best playwrights of the 20th century.

It covered various genres and did some translations. His own works include the trap (1953), the cage in the tree (1957) - Critics Award-, flies over the marble (1958) were the first productions of this genre in which began to reveal the personality of the man and the woman from Chile. Other titles are night of Equinox (1951), the simple story (1951), the stolen hour (1952) - Premio Municipal de Santiago-, verses of blind (1961), the standard bearer (1962) - annual contest prize of plays - and the boy Tony (1964), among others.

He also made adaptations, which include Christmas circus (1954), Gheon, Juani in society (1959), of Home and the adventures of the Ordinance Ortega (1962), of Scapin.

Come from his forays into narrative titles: strange children (1950, stories), the other (1952, stories), creatures of a day (1960, stories), exit door (1964, novel), tales and songs of the breast (1965, stories) and the best stories of Luis Alberto Heiremans (1966).