Biography of Hemiunu (ca. 2610 a.C.)

(Hm-Iwnw) Egyptian Prince, son of Lady Itet and Nefermaat, Prince and Prophet this last of the goddesses Bastet and Shesmetet and priest Min and son of Esnefru, the founder of the fourth dynasty Egyptian. Hemiunu, as high-ranking - reached the post of vizier-, played its activity during the reign of his grandfather and Kheops. He participated as an architect in the constructions of the Red Pyramid of Dashur and in the great pyramid of Kheops in Gizeh, here in Chief of all the works of the King. Hemiunu is owned a magnificent statue seated, limestone (1.57 m high), from his Giza tomb and today in the RÖMER-Pelizaeus Museum of Hilldesheim (Germany).