Biography of Queen of Egipto Henutmire (ca. 1290-1249 a.C.)

(Hnw.t-mi-Ra) Egyptian Queen, daughter of Sethi I and his wife yours and, therefore, according to some sister of Rameses II, who contracted marriage for reasons of State. The Pharaoh was between wives official, although it always played a modest role, appearing very sparingly at public events. Such Queen has reached its representation in a statue of his mother (now in the Vatican Museum), in another of Rameses II, Heliopolis, and the Colossi of Rameses II, Hermopolis. He/She died towards the forty year of the reign of her husband, and his sarcophagus, found at Thebes, is preserved today in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. A series of studies conducted in 1983 have allowed to emit the assertion that Henutmire was one of the daughters of Rameses II.