Biography of Queen of Egipto Henutmire (ca. 1290-1249 a.C.)

(Hnw.t-mi-Ra) Egyptian Queen, daughter of Sethi I and his wife yours and, therefore, according to some sister of Rameses II, who contracted marriage for reasons of State. The Pharaoh was between wives official, although it always played a modest role, appearing very sparingly at public events. Such Queen has reached its representation in a statue of his mother (now in the Vatican Museum), in another of Rameses II, Heliopolis, and the Colossi of Rameses II, Hermopolis. He died towards the forty year of the reign of her husband, and his sarcophagus, found at Thebes, is preserved today in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. A series of studies conducted in 1983 have allowed to emit the assertion that Henutmire was one of the daughters of Rameses II.