Biography of Katharine Hepburn (1907-2003)

Katharine Hepburn.

American film actress born in Hartford (Connecticut) on May 12, 1907 and died also in Connecticut on June 29, 2003.

Irish origin, his family lived with great relief. The father was a professional Dentistry of great prestige, while mother fought actively on the movement for the rights of women. The activity of his mother, took a small Katharine, of little more than 3 years, made his debut in shows that organized this. Debut so early perhaps contributed decisively to the small, felt very early a vocation by dramatic activity.

However at the time, he entered Bryn Mawr College, to begin the studies of physics, but it was soon clear that this was not their way and let them to dedicate itself to the interpretation. He began doing theater in summer companies and debuting on Broadway by the year of 1928. Since initially striking his personality: very strong, independent, what will constitute a characteristic throughout his life.

It was during a theatrical performance was seen by executives of the RKO. His first performance in the film was George Cukor - who would then roll several films hand-in a tape entitled Bill of Divorcement (1932).

It was surely the actress who more often has been designated as candidate for an Oscar, which won four times for his performances in the glory of a day (1933), Lowell Sherman; Guess who comes this night (1967), Stanley Kramer; The lion in winter (1968), directed by Anthony Harvey; On Golden Pond (1981), with address of Mark Rydell.

Such amount of awards indicate, besides his talent as an actress, an intense life has lived everything from brilliant successes to fiasco, sometimes one much outsiders, in films that are very praised by critics, but whose receptivity by the public is less. Such was the case of the beast of my girl (1938), with Cary Grant as a couple, and direction of Howard Hawks. These failures, and despite major successes above for example Maria Stuart (1936), directed in 1936 by John Ford, do that for some time it is view with concern by those who engaged in the exploitation film. That made for a period of two years, it was removed from the film.

After that period and after having returned to the Theatre successfully, the MGM, returns to call her to interpret stories of Philadelphia (1940), George Cukor. It opens a new period in his professional activity, which will highlight a few comedies that will roll next to Spencer Tracy with her and which should be include the rib of Adam (1949), with Cukor again.

During the following years his career becomes less impetuous and you are spacing works, but in 1951 when wheel one of their most popular titles: the African Queen, next to Humphrey Bogart and under the direction of John Huston, with a role that embroiders and that as it progresses the film grows to the extent that it is an authentic duel between the two protagonists. In 1956, starred in a second version of Ninotchka, which is title skirts of steel, Ralph Thomas and Cary Grant's male protagonist.

Until the end of his activity as an actress - imposed inter alia by age – wheel different scripts, but an important part of them will be adaptations of theatrical, classical or modern, works that come preceded of Fame and name of their authors. It is worth mentioning in this regard: suddenly last summer (1959), by Tennessee Williams, with Joseph Mankiewicz in direction; or the Trojan women (1971), classical tragedy that adapted to the cinema, the Greek director Michael Cacoyannis.

If her career as an actress has been important and decisive, his private life has also been very interesting because Katharine Hepburn lived one of the most famous romances of Hollywood with one of the master players that has given the film, Spencer Tracy, who was Catholic and was married. Katharine became attracted to him and he answered similarly. Both shared a series of films together - with special souvenir for comedies - and also shared the life in common. His sentimental stability became famous and remained so until the death of the actor. Now, Tracy, never divorced his wife and both Hepburn, were at the funeral of actor, albeit with obvious tension.

Katharine Hepburn has been one of the most charismatic actresses of cinema from the 1930s until the end of the century. Without being a beauty, it has possessed an attraction that only the relentless passage of the years has been able to subdue. High for its time, always very thin, did not pass unnoticed in any place. But his temperament was essentially what drew most attention. It was self-sufficient, aggressive and ironic, but correct in the treatment; passionate, but not allowing the intelligence is nublase. It did not need to mean politically, to know that was always part of modernity, the new and advanced. He fought all his life against any sort of inferiority.

In February 2005 Cate Blanchett got an Oscar for best actress for her performance, precisely, Katharine Hepburn in the movie the Aviator, Martin Scorsese, which meant a new posthumous recognition to the figure of the actress from Hartford.


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