Biography of Andrés Hernando García (1938-VVVV)

Bullfighter Spanish, born February 26, 1956 in Pedrajas de Velilla (Segovia).

Arose with picadors in Madrid's plaza de Chinchón, a June 24, 1956. Two years later, on July 6, 1958, he made his debut in the ring of the plaza Monumental de Las Ventas (Madrid); but did not take the alternative until July 1, 1962, to date that appeared in the plaza de toros de Segovia, sponsored by Madrid's Victorian caves Roger ("Victoriano Valencia"), give lidia and rapier kill the bull Generoso, belonging to the iron of Arranz. On that occasion, the Salamanca matador did witness as Santiago Martín Sánchez ("El Viti").

To confirm this doctorate bullfighting, on March 29, 1964 Andrés Hernando García appeared before the severe fans of the town and Court. It had been sponsored by the coletudo Antonio Medina, who, before the witness José Antonio Montilla, ceded the junk that had to confront the horned Bellaquito, belonging to the blemish of don Salvador Guardiola.

Although it remained the uninterrupted practice of the profession until the 1972 season, stood out above all by the charitable festivals organized celebrations which came to become a point of obligatory reference within the Madrid regional season for the nursing home of Morata de Tajuña (Madrid). After departing the active bullfighting in 1973, he returned to step on the arenas in the 1974 season. He on October 5 of that year, surrounded by his countrymen in the Bullring of Segovia, was cut queue after having grappled and estoqueado Ramos Matias cattle carcasses. Santiago Martín Sánchez ("the Viti") and the coletudo Roberto Domínguez Díaz vallisoletan accompanied him in his farewell poster Salamanca sword.