Biography of Emilio Herrera Linares (1879-1967)

Engineer in military and general Spanish born on February 13, 1879 in Granada and died in 1967.

Diploma in the Superior School of war, Herrera said as pilot military, and was one of the pioneers of the Spanish and European aviation, so it reached a deserved reputation throughout the world for his constant research in the field of aeronautics. For some time he was director of the school of Aerotecnia at Cuatro Vientos (Madrid).

Although in deep royalist convictions (had served as gentil-hombre of Chamber of the King Alfonso XIII), Herrera remained loyal to the Republic just pop the Spanish Civil War, unless therefore occupy charge liability throughout the contest. After the war, went into exile to France, country where continued to develop aeronautical research while working for the prestigious National Office d´Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales. In 1960 he was appointed head of Government of the Spanish Republic in exile.

Due to the situation of extreme poverty in which the French Academy of science, to which he belonged, was it granted, thanks to the efforts mediators of Salvador de Madariaga, a lifetime pension that allowed him to live decently until his death.


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