Biography of Charlton Heston (1924-2008)

Film actor American, born in Evanston (Illinois) on October 4, 1924 and passed away on April 5, 2008, in Beverly Hills, California. His real name was John Charles Carter.


Its origins were humble. Grew up in a St. Helen, Michigan, a small village, but then usual to attend college and study art dramatic at Northwestern University. Their theatre before turning to cinema training was Shakespearean one hundred per cent, as well as an important cultural level, what surprises some who have criticized him for its relations with the conservative circles of the United States. After his college years he worked in radio and the theatre, moment in which surprised the second world war. He was appointed to the Aleutian Islands and there served in the air force.

Finish the war returned to the theater, where he directed many works, especially in North Carolina, and from there went to circuits most famous and popular, such as New York, until reaching Broadway. At the same time, he started his cinematographic activity initially as an amateur, joining in the filming of movies with no commercial format, but that served to make themselves known to a broader public sector.

An adaptation of the work of the playwright Ibsenstarred in Peer Gynt (1941), of David Bradley. This and other actions made that Paramount decided to hire him and include him in the city cast in shadows (1950), by William Dieterle, what should be considered as his debut in the commercial film.

The director Cecil B. de Mille soon noticed the young actor, who was considered very photogenic, with certain air of epic and very respectful with the indications given. Thus he joined films high budget and great reception at the box office, as the greatest show on Earth (1952), his own Mille, which stepped in as director of the circus track. Two years later reached a remarkable recognition with its actions in an acceptable adventure movie, when it the naked jungle, by Byron Haskin, which also introduced an intelligent erotic content in more or less subliminal way.

However, it was in 1956 when came the massive recognition and the time which came to form part of Hollywood stardom, from its role as Moses in the ten commandments. The opportunity came from the hand of Cecil B. de Mille, who rolled his second version on the subject and the film that became a mammoth blockbuster, both by its cast and their scenarios. Heston was the main protagonist and from that moment can be that entered in the circle of the great, where he was able to keep. Aside from the impact which had its image, Heston was an actor who has known the intricacies of the film perfectly and has been able to distinguish the good from the bad. He gave samples of this when thanks to Orson Welles could finish his police thirst of evil (1958), with Heston turned into a police officer Mexican who is confronted with the American inspector who embodied the own Welles.

At the end of the 1950s, William Wyler gave him another momentous roles of his career. Heston was Judá Ben-Hur, the second adaptation of the novel he wrote the general Lew Wallace. Ben-Hur is another great show, with great cinematic moments film, which won the greater harvest of awards of the Academy of cinema, including that of Best Actor actor for Charlton Heston.

Producer Samuel Bronston, who for several years became the surroundings of Madrid in a small Hollywood (because they took advantage of propagandistic coverage that is offered and the low costs of productions in Spain for the American capital), called him to star in El Cid (1961), with direction by Anthony Mann, an adaptation to American conceptions of the wanderings of the Castilian hero, although conceived with western technique, wouldn't have some dignity. For the same producer will work two years later in 55 days at Peking (1963), in a film signed by Nicholas Ray.

Another of the highlights of the actor was his role of astronaut Taylor in planet of the apes (1967), Franklin J. Schaffner, film that constituted the beginning of a series of films on the topic - the best was this-, and that became a point of reference for scientific fiction of modern cinematography. Schaffner, who two years before had rolled with him an excellent work on the middle ages, the Lord of war (1965), was delighted with the work of the actor.

Heston also directed film. His career in this aspect has not been as bright as the actor, although he has been able to show in their few speeches as a director that his proposals were ambitious from the cultural point of view and, although it has been irregular, did not demonstrate that it was someone who knew thoroughly cinematic activity. His films as a director include Marco Antonio and Cleopatra (1973), shot in Spain with very little budget, and the adventure movie titled challenge deep (1982).

In 1966, was appointed President of the Union of actors from the screen and the American Film Institute, until 1971. In 1998 President of the National Association of arms (NRA), institution that advocates the free possession of firearms, to which resigned in 2003. That year he was awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom, the highest honor in the country. In 2002 he appeared in the Michael Moore documentary ' Bowling for Columbine', which included a controversial interview with Heston on the possession of firearms in the United States. In 2003, he stated that he suffered from the Alzheimer's-like symptoms.

His private life was the most striking within the promiscuous environment of Hollywood, as only married once, to Lydia Clar, actress, and the couple formed with she was flagship for his faithfulness. They had a son, Fraser, who has done film, but with much less resonance than his father.

Charlton Heston was one of the players who best knew how to embody the concept of the hero in the film. He took the most a great physicist, and also brought a style of interpretation which, although limited, has been well suited to the kind of roles that represented and which gave it popularity. None like him was able to embody historical papers, those who knew surround with a special aura. So was Miguel Ángel, El Cid, astronaut lost in an advanced official cavalry and gunman of the western culture of apes. He was a player that even his detractors kept respect.


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