Biography of Franz Hilverding (1710-1768)

Dancer, choreographer and ballet master Austrian, born 17 November 1710 in Vienna and died in the same city may 29, 1768, whose real name was Anton Christoph Hilverding, son of a theatre director.

He studied dance at the school of the Court of Vienna, and expanded his training under the tutelage of maestro Michel Blondy in Paris. In 1737, he/she made his debut in Vienna, city in which soon began as a choreographer for the Kärntnertor Theater and the Burgtheater. His creations include: Orphée et Eurydice (1752), Dom Quichot, ou Les Noces de Gamache (1753) and Les Bûcherons Tirolois (1754). Before leaving Russia in 1768, he/she left in his choreographer to his student Gaspero Angliolini. As choreographer of the Imperial theatres of St. Petersburgo and Moscow, Hilverding created: La Victoire de Flore sur Borée (Starzer, 1760), Amour et psyché (Manfredini, 1762), Le Combat de l'Amour et de la Raison (Springer, 1763) and Les Amours d'Acis et Galathée (Starzer, 1764), among others. He/She is considered as the introducer of the entrechat quatre in Russia. In 1764, he/she returned to Vienna where again acupar his old role as choreographer. For many years it remained a festering dispute with Jean-Georges Noverre, on which of the two had been the creator of ballet d'action, which failed to be clarified before the death of Hilverding. His latest creation in Vienna was Der Triumph des Frühlings (1766).