Biography of Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945)

Military and German politician, born in Munich in 1900. He was the son of a Bavarian schoolteacher, very devout Catholic. At the age of 19 he joined Hitler's National Socialist Party. In 1923 part, from first line, in the hit state of Hitler, - according to many the Führer had not reached the power nor would have kept him so long if it had not been for the discipline and the obsession of this man for the so-called "new order" - wears the black uniform of the SS (Schutzstaffeln) and becomes its Reichsführer (Chief of stormtroopers of this faction) in 1929being the main architect of the racist and paramilitary forces that characterized it during the Third Reich. As Chief of police of Munich creates the field of Dachau concentration camp, and throughout his entire tenure other 16 centres of this type. In 1936 he was appointed Chief of police of all Germany, promoting in recent years the power of the SS in all areas of the country; This came to more than 600,000 members, fanatically believers in the superiority of the Aryan race. He was also at the head of the Gestapo, or secret police. A few months later he was named Chief of the security service and already in 1943, he was appointed Minister of the Interior. Their organisations functioned with full power over the judges and courts, and it remained with its frantic mission to rid the Germans from the evil of the civilization, colonize West and exterminate the Jews. In 1944, he was appointed commander in Chief of the forces stationed in Germany and was hierarchically ranked immediately below of Hitler. Captured by British troops on May 21, 1945, committed suicide two days later in Luneburg.