Biography of Dustin Hoffman (1937-VVVV)

Film actor American born August 8, 1937 in Los Angeles (California).


Dustin Hoffman.

His family was very involved with the cinema, since the father had been a decorator and the great mother-loving the medium of film. Dustin was soon integrated into the environment. He studied drama at the Pasadena Playhouse and then joined the Studio Actor´s, in the time which was directed by Lee Strasberg. Its inception focused, as of so many actors, in the theater, which from the outset is showed as a serious and conscientious actor, and a great worker. Soon came the recognition of their professionalism and good work. However, struggled to access film, because his physical condition did not seem best suited to succeed in an environment where physical appearance plays a role, sometimes, decisive.

In this way, his first performance in the film came from the hand of a Spanish co-production, Madigan (1967), of Giorgio Gentilli million; the result of the production was only discreet. In the same year, however, Hoffman got the main role in the graduate (1967), Mike Nichols. The film was a resounding success, beyond its artistic merits. Although overly long, up-and-down, late 1960s, mostly the young audience, public identified with the hesitant and cowardly character who finally manages to break with the conventional weaving society to its around. Accompanied by the always efficient Anne Brancoft, the then promising Katherine Ross and Simon & Garfunkel, music that gained a great popularity. Mike Nichols film served for all repaired in Hoffman.

A step further in his career, and very important, was its participation in Cowboy by midnight (1969), John Schlesinger, a work largely desolation in which Hoffman got a superb interpretation of a crippled drug addict that exploits a young boy (Jon Voight), who arrives in New York. Since then his career took off, although it has not been exempt also memorable failures. However, Papillon (1973) and all men of the President (1975), Marathon Man (1976), are some of the titles that made Dustin Hoffman among the greats of Hollywood. Its privileged situation not prevented him from taking on challenges which resulted in unequal failures as with probation (1977), tape that started managing the own actor, but that ended in a very difficult way and which in the end led the signing of Ulu Grosbard.

It regained its good level the following year with his works in Agatha (1978), of Michael Apted, about the life of British novelist Agatha Christie, and, especially, in Kramer against Kramer (1978), de Robert Benton, which got its first Oscar, this tape relaunched his career. It is famous in the annals of the history of the delivery of the statuettes the moment in which the actor picked up the Academy Award; There it made allusion to the famous statuette "had no genitals" and thanked his parents for having brought to the world. His second Oscar won for his portrayal of an autistic in Rain man (1988), Barry Levinson, with Tom Cruise as a cast-mate.

After his career has continued both in protagonist roles and collaborations in films launched with great publicity support, such as its interpretation of Captain hook in Hook (1991), StevenSpielberg.

In curtain of smoke (1998), alongside Robert de Niro and Anne Heche, in which he embodied to a Hollywood producer who will prepare a great masquerade media to distract attention from the American people and to save not a moral performance of its President; It was a simple production excellently performed by the trio of actors, convincing and that circumstances did save fidelity at the time.

In the perfume (2006), film based on a novel by Patrick Suskind, played the perfumer Giuseppe Baldini, responsible for teaching the craft to Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (Ben Whishaw), a young man no smell but with an extraordinary sense of smell. creator of a scent with the essence of several women from the city of Graase that the own Jean-Baptiste has to kill and maim.

Two years later put voice to master Shifu, a red panda, in the Kung Fu Panda animated movie, directed by Mark Osborne and John Stevenson. Kung Fu Panda 2, now directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, with most of the original cast of voices was made in 2010. At the end of 2010 worked in the third film in the series Meet the Parents, entitled Little Fockers, starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller.

Dustin Hoffman belongs to which was named as the new generation of Hollywood actors. These actors sought to provide an image that is distanciase of the classic hero: types of attractive, high, strong in which could frame John Wayne, Charlton Heston and Marlon Brando, excellent actors possessing an image that is out of the ordinary at the same time. Hoffman, on the other hand, with other actors as Al Pacino (which keeps some resemblance), has been characterized by putting a man considered "current" type of fashion: short, attractive, and without great girth. Hoffman took to the screen characters who could be assimilated by any espectador for his apparent normality.

Much of its prestige as an actor has succeeded also by his incarnation of insecure, shy, very needy of help types, sometimes a little irritating, but in the end were able, by her own shyness, resolve situations with great violence, which came to redeem them so much doubt and inconsistency. In addition, it is indisputable that Hoffman is an excellent actor, which supplements his physical type with their intelligence and personality and, moreover, know you take great advantage. However, this actor never ceases to have their eccentricities and, since it is aware that this is a star, imposes conditions, as the female protagonist in the films in which the spoke as main actor is not higher than him, which is not always easy to accomplish, as evidenced by the shooting of pop (1995)where shared cast with the attractive (and major): Rene Russo.

Another of the successes of Hoffman has been in have not shown any kind of complex when dealing with his work and knows the best out of what you have inside. He has managed to go assimilating the passage of time and, although never considered a hunk, no matter you go adapting their roles at the age that has, having exceeded the sixty years ago, unless it has become your habits.

He created a company of independent production, the First Artist, along with Paul Newman, Sidney Poitier and Barbra Streisand , but its results were a failure.

Dustin married the actress and dancer Anne Byrne in 1969. The relationship was quite tense and ended up divorcing in 1980, year in which the actor married Attorney Lisa Gottsegen. He has four children from his current marriage, and a daughter of his first wife.


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As producer:

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