Biography of Tom Holland (1943-VVVV)

American filmmaker born on July 11, 1943 in Poughkeepsie (New York).


Initially interested in interpretation, Tom Holland studied drama at the Herbert Berghof's Acting Studio, Northwestern University, the Actors Studio and UCLA. However, even if such interpretative vocation did not meet professionally, he managed numerous contacts in the world of the spectacle. It was how he could translate his love of comics of terror and violence in two scripts in which participated as writer, course 1984 (1982) and psychosis (1983) 2. Although his work as a screenwriter not noted for its literary quality, the producers warned in a singular intuition when it comes to managing emotions and shock effect.

Against this background he could roll his first film, night of fear (1985), a tribute to horror film classic, especially when carried out by companies such as Hammer Films and New World Pictures, less gruesome fashion of gore seemed to impose at the beginning of the 1980s.

After this film of vampires and teen love, Holland shot what would be its great success of blockbuster, evil snowman (1988), starring a complex robotic puppet, designer of special effects Kevin Yagher. The puppet in question, Chucky, is presented as a child doll possessed by the soul of a murderer. Chucky protagonizaría several sequels, and has come to become one of the most popular characters from recent horror film. However, after this significant contribution, the career of Holland came into decline.


In film:

1985: Night miedo.1987: beauty mortal.1988: snowman diabolico.1993: The temp.1996: Thinner.

In television:

1985: Tales asombrosos.1989: Tales of the cripta.1990: The stranger within.1995: The langoilers.