Biography of Hong Ying (1962-VVVV)

Chinese novelist, born in 1962 in Sichuan.

As a result of the massacre in Tiananmen Square (Beijing) of June 4, 1989, he began to write a novel in which not only claimed to offer the world a direct testimony of those dramatic events, but also a claim to social groups less favored by the Government of his country, particularly women in their vernacular language. This novel, entitled the summer of betrayal, appeared in China under a pseudonym, and was immediately banned by the Communist authorities.

Exiled in London since 1991, Hong Ying was the subject of a harsh campaign of harassment by the Chinese Government, which came to issue an order to prohibit the return to their country. In 1996 the novel was translated into English, with what has achieved an important broadcasting all over the Western world, and in 1998 was born in Madrid a first version in Castilian.

The summer of betrayal tells the story of a young Chinese poet, with University studies, who, after direct witness in the Tiananmen massacre, takes refuge in the home of a friend of his, which began a love affair that will eventually lead to a failure. For the author, the historical events that summer of 1989 became, beyond the forced denunciation of Government violence, in a magnificent opportunity to claim the Chinese woman's right to have their own feelings, express them freely and fulfill his desires. In the words of Hong Ying, men of their country "thought full women that were", which accentuated the marginalization of women with socio-cultural independence and university studies. Another interesting thesis that Hong Ying exposes in this novel is that argues that the events of Tiananmen were due not only to a political demand, "but also to the anxieties of those same youths rid of prejudices in personal life".

In 1997 he published another novel, daughter of hunger, and in 2004 K: the art of love, based on the experiences in China of the poet Julian Bell, Member of the famous Bloomsbury group; This novel was banned in China for its erotic content.