Biography of Papa Honorio II (¿-1130)

He was born in Fagnano, Italy, and died in Rome. His secular name was Lamberto Scannabecchi (formerly Fagman Lamberto). Successor of Callixtus II, Pope, was elected in 1124, and died in 1130. He/She was Bishop of Ostia when he/she was elevated to the Pontifical throne; confirmed to Lothair in the imperial dignity, and condemned by various failures to the Abbots of Cluni and Monte Casino. Faced with the difficulty of supporting the claim to the imperial throne of one of the two princes, Federico of Hohenstaufen and lothario, finally choosing the latter. It supported in addition to Luis VI of France disputed with the French bishops, but it lacked the influence to put an end to the State of anarchy existing between Italian feudal lords. He/She retired to a monastery, where he/she died. Eleven of his letters are preserved. Innocent II, Popesucceeded him.