Biography of Dennis Hopper (1936-2010)

Actor and American filmmaker born on May 17, 1936 in Dodge City (Kansas), died on May 29, 2010 at his home in Venice, California...

Hopper represented the wave of youthful rebellion that originated in the United States after the second world war, when peacetime revolting latent nonconformity of those who do not succeed to the system. While participating in the installations of the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego (California), it is devoted to live on the edge, an attitude which will also be his hallmark in the workshops of interpretation of the Actor's Studio. Precisely this love by the risk will feed a way to consider the profession of actor full of edges and clashes with its surroundings. Who most influences on this attitude of Hopper is his friend James Dean, with whom he shared artistic interests and partying without control. Together filmed rebel without a cause (1955), by Nicholas Ray, and giant (1956), GeorgeStevens. But the tragic accident in which perished Dean plunged into a depression to the actor, whose character was darkened without remedy.

While filming from hell to Texas (1958) under the command of Henry Hathaway, he faced the veteran director, dissatisfied with his work. This lack of discipline was the perfect excuse he needed the study to condemn Hopper in a peculiar way. You could not access projects of the first magnitude and should survive with his performance in low-budget films.

Fond of drugs soft and immersed in the dissenting movement of the 1960s, Hopper received the support of Roger Corman and became good friends with Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson. With these two actors put in foot your Easy Rider project, looking for my destination (1969), the first film made as a director. The public this film became a libertarian, vindictive symbol of personal independence and desire to live in a youth who already lived the shadows of the Viet Nam war. The good critical and commercial reception of this film, the Hollywood industry is restated the position of Hopper in her womb and decided to give it a new chance. With a hefty sum of money in the budget for filming, Hopper and his friends traveled to Peru to film The last movie (1971), but the drugs and the absence of discipline they dilated production and total chaos reigned during the filming and Assembly. The final copy of the film was delirious and the public rejected it. Such failure again placed the actor and director at the razor's edge.

To find himself again in freedom, without commitments, Hopper was given to excesses. I was drinking non-stop and consumed all kinds of narcotic drugs. Filmed the American friend (1977), Wim Wenders, and shortly after Francis Ford Coppola called him to interpret a photographer gone mad in Apocalypse Now (1979). Alcoholic, the actor constantly forgot its role and only the patience of the team managed its interpretation to reach fruition.

Health seriously affected by so much nonsense, he decided to undergo a detoxification therapy. To the surprise of all who have lived closely her ravings, recovered forces and managed to remove alcoholic beverages from your diet. Sensitized with his new activity of photographer, got also some producers to trust in him. Two films marked his splendid return: Blue Velvet (1986), from David Lynch, and Hoosiers, rather than idols (1986), David Anspaugh.

Hereinafter practicality prevailed in his life and who was one of the most fearsome rebels of California began to meekly obey to the young directors whose orders worked as commercial as Super Mario Bros productions. (1993), by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel; Speed (1994), Jan de Bont; and Waterworld (1995), of Kevin Reynolds. And if that had not been sufficiently clear this conversion, agreed in 1998 to a large amount of money by using multiple streams of Easy Rider in a car commercial. By way of an antidote against subversion, these millionaires contracts served you to evoke with irony their times of rebellion. How he tends to repeat to the end and after it has survived. In 2002, his career was recognized with the Premio Donostia of the Festival of cinema of San Sebastián.

A not well known aspect of this rebel director was his role as art collector, which showed a special flair, since it invested in underground artists strangers then coming to astronomically quote his works.

You may 29, 2010 he died from prostate cancer that had discovered him in September. He continued working almost to the end, in a book on photography and a series of television called Crash. He also had to deal with the divorce from his fifth wife, Victoria Duffy.


As director:

1969: Easy Rider, looking for my destino.1971: The last movie.1980: fallen from the cielo.1988: Colors, colors of guerra.1989: retorno.1990 road: lips ardientes.1994: explosive mission.

As an actor:

1954: Johnny Guitar.1955: I died a thousand times; Rebel without a causa.1956: Gigante.1957: duel of the Titans; Sayonara; The history of the humanidad.1958: Hell to Texas.1959: The young land.1960: when underworld dictates your ley.1963: Night tide.1954: Tarzan and Jane regained.1965: the four sons of Katie Elder.1966: Planet of blood.1967: the legend of the indomitable; The glory stompers; The trip.1968: made two mistakes; Head; Panic in the city.1969: Easy Rider, looking for my destination; Value of law; The festival game.1971: The last movie; The american dreamer.1973: Kid Blue.1975: James Dean, the first american teenager.1976: Mad Morgan.1977: the American friend; Tracks; Couleur chair; The sorcerer's apprentices.1979: Apocalypse now; L'Ordre et la sécurité du monde.1980: fallen from the sky; Resurrection; Wild times.1981: King of the mountain; Reborn; White Star.1982: Human highway.1983: key: Omega; The law of the calle.1984: Slagskampen.1985: my science project; Running out of luck; Stark.1986: The case of the black widow; Blue Velvet; Hoosiers, rather than idols; The american way; On the edge of the river; The killing of Texas 2.1987: O.C. & Stiggs; The cazachicas; Direct to the infierno.1988: Blood Red.1989: retorno.1990 road: Flashback; Paper heroes; Motion and emotion.1991: Eye of the storm; Strange links of blood; Paris Trout; Superstar: The life and times of Andy Warhol; A hero of our time.1992: Nails.1993: Boiling point; The heart of justice; Super Mario Bros.; Love at point-blank range; Red Rock West.1994: Speed; Mission explosiva.1995: Waterworld; Search and destruye.1996: Space Truckers; Carried away.1997: Basquiat; Samson and Delilah (TV); Top of the world; The blackout.1998: Tycus; Meet the Deedles.1999: The source; Lured innocence, EDtv 2000: Jason and the Argonauts (TV series). 2001: suffocation, 24 (TV), Knockaround Guys. 2004: The Last Ride, the vigilador. 2005: Land of the dead. 2008: Palermo Shooting, An American Carol. 2010: Crash (TV).