Biography of Ron Howard (1954-VVVV)

American filmmaker, born in Duncan (Oklahoma. EE.UU.) in 1954.

The career of Ron Howard has always been linked, in one way or another, to the show. Like so many other filmmakers began taking its first steps in television, but the truly remarkable thing in his biography is youth that premiered in different media. We could say that his first job was as an actor: only one year participated in the theatrical Mount of temptation lives up. His first film role was at age four in red dawn, and following their early data, directed his first film, Grand Theft Auto (1978), which was followed in 1982 Night Shift, which did not have greater impact with only twenty-four years.Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah staged his third feature, 1,2,3,... Splash (1984), an adaptation of sui generis of the tale of the Little Mermaid in which Hannah gave her body and her blonde mane to give life to a spectacular woman that the wet becomes siren. 1,2,3... Splash was more successful than the previous ones, but the true support for Ron would come with Cocoon (1985), which had the opportunity to demonstrate that he/she was a great director of actors. The success of Cocoon had two implications: a sequel that not addressed Ron Howard and the interest of George Lucas by producing Willow, a fantastic adventure in the style of your own factory that made spreading the rumor that the own Lucas had directed part of the footage. With sweet home... sometimes! (1989), Howard enters in the comedy and flares (1991) and an all-star cast, drama, backed by expensive special effects which, however, did not correspond with his host.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman play the pioneers that Howard faces first and unite then in a very distant horizon (1992), directed in a time of recovery of the western, a genre that was almost lost for years. Behind the news (The Paper), starring Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei and Glenn Close, is one of his best films. A portrait professional Broadcast News style, but located in a newspaper, which shows how in certain occupations the duty is first of the professional life. In 1995 his, until now, most successful blockbuster, which earned several nominations but only two Oscar (Assembly and sound): Apollo XIII, where returns to work with Tom Hanks in the history of the ship that the Americans were on the verge of losing in the space. Then would come rescue (1996), starring Mel Gibson, a work that describes perfectly the concerns of Ron Howard as the director: commercial films, with blockbuster hooks, but not cling to any genre in particular.

Howard reappeared in 2000 with The Grinch, a fantastic comedy where Jim Carrey embodies a monster symbolizing the antinavideno spirit. A year later he/she took to the big screen the life of John Forbes Nash, an eminent mathematician who suffered a severe schizophrenia and, after beating the disease, managed to the Nobel Prize in Economics (1994). The film, a beautiful mind starring Russell Crowe, managed four Golden Globes and eight nominations to the Oscar. In the Grand gala in Hollywood, the tape was finally awarded with four statuettes: best film, director, adapted screenplay and actress (Jennifer Connelly).


1978: Grand Theft Auto. 1982: Night shift. 1984: 1,2,3,... Splash. 1985: Cocoon.1986: Pisa thoroughly. 1988: Willow.1989: sweet home... sometimes!. 1991: Flares. 1992: A very distant horizon. 1993: Behind the news. 1995: Apollo XIII. 1996: Rescate.2000: the Grinch.2001: A maravillosa.2003 mind: The missing. 2004: The Alamo. 2005: Cinderella man.