Biography of John Hurt (1940-VVVV)

British actor, born on January 22, 1940 in Shirebrook (Derbyshire).

Encouraged by her father, an Anglican pastor, is interested in the interpretation already Hurt from his youth. Reads avidly theatrical manuals, participate in assemblies of fans and even try your luck with scenic improvisation exercises; extensive training that is ordered in London, after passing through the St. Martin completo School. After gaining a scholarship at the Royal Academy of dramatic art, is subject to the discipline of this prestigious Centre, where it acquires interpretative versatility, ranging from the classics in verse to the more experimental avant-garde.

Sensitive and refined culture, man feels that the superficiality and disorder are the worst enemies of his career, in such a way that it denies the simplest path to fame and is delivered to a commendable process of improvement that seems to lead him to roles certainly complex, until you get the theatrical critic award in 1963.

There are many plays in which will participate during the 1960s, task that is compatible with a growing attention to the film. So discrete path through to the forefront of the advertising with its candidacy to the Oscar (1978) Midnight Express, AlanParker. It is then when its fragile appearance and its contained gestures begin to be valued by the producers, so after becoming one of the victims of the evil alien of Alien, the eighth passenger (1979), Ridley Scott, access cover her face with a complex makeup to shoot the male elephant (1980), David Lynch. In this production, filmed in black and white, Hurt gives life to John Merrick, a real character affected by a congenital malformation, protagonist of one of the most dramatic episodes of Victorian London. Despite ostentatious characterization devised by Christopher Tucker and the defect of diction that simulate, the actor manages to transmit with this figure surprising poignancy and a tenderness.

This dimension of suffering of Hurt again comes to light in 1984 (1984) by Michael Radford, film inspired by the novel by George Orwell. Curiously, although comedies and dramas are alternated in his career, the actor cannot avoid some typecasting on dark papers, marked by pain or loneliness. It collaborates then with Roger Corman on resurrected Frankenstein (1990) and Mel Brooks in the crazy adventure of Star Wars (1987). His voice is deep and well nuanced may be heard also in the Lord of the rings (1978) cartoon films, Ralph Bakhsi, Taran and the magic cauldron (1985), Ted Berman and Rick Rich, and Thumbelina (1994), Don Bluth, and in the video game Privateer 2: The darkening (1996). All of which confirms its already repeated versatility.

Capable of the most amazing performing pirouettes, Hurt is an actor with a great intuition for the characters, not rejecting participate in blockbusters such as Contact (1997), of Robert Zemeckis, at the time that approaches to independent filmmakers who offer roles with an increased risk, such as his role in love and death on Long Island (1997), Richard Kwietniowskiin showing the contrast between the life style European and American from the encounter between an English writer and a young actor of mediocre films, it gives it embodies Jason Priestley.


1962: The wild and the will. 1963: This is my street. 1966: A man for all eternity. 1967: The sailor from Gibraltar. 1968: looking for Gregory. 1969: The jib can be expected; The bells of freedom. 1970: The choke of Rillington Place. 1971: The pied piper; Mr. Foroush and the penguins. 1974: The ghoul; Little Malcolm and his struggle against the ennuch. 1975: The line of the river; The naked civil servant. 1976: East of Elephant Rock. 1977: The disappearance.1978: the cry; The midnight express; The Lord of the rings; Watership down. 1979: Alien, the eighth passenger. 1980: Heaven's Gate; The elephant man. 1981: More than just colleagues; The crazy story of the world. 1982: Flight at night. 1983: key: Omega; Challenge to the destination. 1984: Revenge; Success in the best revenge; 1984. 1985: After darkness; Jake Speed, the adventure of Africa; Taron and the cauldron magico.1987: From the hip; The crazy adventure of Star Wars; Passions in Kenya; ARIA; White mischief. 1988: Little sweetheart; Spell in the India; Poison Candy.1989: Deadline; Scandal, the case of Christine Keeler. 1990: Meadow; Resurrected Frankenstein; Windprints; Little sweetheart; Dame la aux chats. 1991: Rafi, a King; Memory; L'Oeil that ment; I dreamt I woke up.1992: Lapse of memory; Six characters in search of an author. 1993: Even Cowgirls Get; Commissioned to kill. 1994: Thumbelina; Difficult choice; Wild Bill; Forraderi. 1995: Rob Roy, the passion of a rebel; Dead man; Two nudes bathing; Saigon baby. 1997: Contact; Love and death on Long Island; Tender loving care; The climb; Bandyta. 1998: You're dead; Night train; Magic; The Commissioner; All small animals. 1999: New blood; If... Dog... Rabbit; Lost souls.

Works for television:

1965: Gideon completo way. 1975: The Sweeney. 1973: A tragedy of two ambitions. 1976: yo, Claudio; The peddler. 1979: Crime and punishment. 1984: King Lear. 1987: The storytelling. 1990: The investigation: inside a terrorist bombing. 1991: red Fox; Resident alien. 1993: Great moments in aviation. 1995: Prisoners in time.