Biography of William Hurt (1950-VVVV)

Film actor American, born in Washington on March 20, 1950.


He studied theology in his youth, and almost at the same time, alternated these studies with the drama. By the mid-1970s he/she debuted as actor in theater and television and in the Decade of the eighties began his activity as film actor.

His first film was fantastic voyage to the bottom of the mind (1980), directed by the much-discussed Ken Russell, which achieved modest results. However, soon participated in a film that was a huge success at the box office: fire in the body (1981), directed by Lawrence Kasdan and featuring Kathleen Turner in the main female role. Both players had the opportunity to develop a story that came from film noir, dyed an eroticism to fashion, and that soon became a success. For Hurt, body heat was a good runway who knew how to take advantage of. Again the hand of Lawrence Kasdan, he/she embroidered his interpretation in the accidental tourist (1988); However, although a majority of the critics felt that his work had been excellent, this opinion was not enhanced by any prize.

In 1985 he/she won a prize at Cannes and the Oscar for her excellent role of homosexual in the kiss of the female spider, Héctor Babenco, adaptation of the novel by Manuel Puig , that his situation became unbeatable in the Hollywood star scene. The following year he/she married with Marlee Matlin, its companion of cast in children of one lesser God (1986), film directed by Randa Haines, which also won several awards.

Since 1990, William Hurt has continued to participate in numerous films with major directors, such as Woody Allen, Anthony Minghella and Wim Wenders, and although their works are usually good, the truth is that it has failed to highlight in any of them, which also seems to worry him; It is as if he/she had put mute to work and act trying to prove things that are beyond the purely cinematic. As an example, serve as her appearances in Alice (1990) or the Doctor (1991). On the other hand, Hurt working on films that, based on literary works of recognized prestige, no larger than a mediocre result. It is the case of La Peste (1992), famous novel by Albert Camus adapted by Luis Puenzo, or Jean Eyre (1995), Franco Zeffirelli. Among his last works are lost in space (1998), Stephen Hopkins (based on an old television series), and broken promises (1998), Lesli Linka Glatter.

Discreet and uncommon personality in the world of cinema, William Hurt is an actor with cultural concerns that seems to want to leave an imprint deep on the viewer with their work, although always "without a sound".


1980: Amazing journey to the bottom of the mente.1981: body heat; The eye mentiroso.1983: reunion; Gorky Park.1985: The kiss of arana.1986 women: children of a menor.1987 God: at the edge of the noticia.1988: the accidental tourist; The strength of the destino.1990: I will love you until you Matt; Alice.1991: The doctor; Until the end of the mundo.1992: the peste.1993: A husband for my mujer.1994: Secon Best; Trial by Jury.1995: Smoke.1996: Jane Eyre; A divan à New York; Mondani a mondhatatlant: Elie Wiesel (Narrator) uzenete. 1997: Michael; Loved.1998: Dark City; Broken promises; Lost in space; One True Thing.1999: The Simian Line; Do Not Disturb; The Big Brass Ring; The 4th Floor; The Taste of Sunshine.

Works for television: 1978: Verna: use Girl.1981: All the Way Home.1982: a Midsummer night's dream.