Biography of John Huston (1906-1987)

Director of North American cinema, born in Nevada, Missouri (United States), on August 5, 1906, and died in Newport (Great Britain), on August 28, 1987.


Son of director and actor Walter Huston, was linked very early to the world of cinema, what didn't you try his luck in many diverse activities, which ultimately would have influence in their baggage that is vital when it comes to consider his professional activity.

It was Boxer, writer, filmmaker and an impenitent traveller. Its passage through the University earned him any title and he was always more friend learn things in a practical way to cement them in theory. Therefore, that his film is full of its own vitality.

The parents of John separated when this was small, and his childhood was a wandering dressing rooms in which his father was, or the life of his mother, Rhea Gore, a journalist worried that he would from one side to another.

After his first marriage, and already left boxing, he worked for the Mexican army and published a work entitled Frankie and Johnny, showing an interesting literary ability. This circumstance allowed him to approach newspapers and magazines and be seen when publishing articles and stories. His eagerness traveller took him to Paris where locked knowledge with all the Bohemian of an important era of the culture of the first third of the century. Finally, and after wandering through Europe, was more or less permanently established in Hollywood, where married his second year of 1931.

Through his father he was hired as a scriptwriter. It was your first activity to work with William Wyler in the House of discord (1932). This film started his long series of collaborations as writer which include, for example the double murder in the Morgue Street (1932); Jezebel (1938), also directed by Wyler, or Sergeant York (1941) with direction of Howard Hawks. Of those years is the image of a talented writer, but at the same time extravagant and somewhat unruly.

In 1941 he undertakes his first work as a director, after convincing the Warner Brothers to fund you, the Maltese Falcon. It became the novel by Dashiell Hammett in a classic thanks to the balance that is shot and the careful selection of actors.

However, his later works were not at the same level and they can be described as routine, is the case as her own. These same years rolled a series of documentaries for the army as Report front Aleutian or Let there be Light, which deals with the topic of soldiers with mental illness and who served as a data collection for the shooting, years later, Freud, biography of the famous psychoanalyst doctor.

In 1948 he returned to retrieve his narrative pulse with the treasure of Sierra Madre. Your argument keeps similarity with the Maltese Falcon, which comes, in a way, to be a constant in many works of Huston. People who does not fix anything to search for an object, convinced of their importance, which in the end turns out to be somewhat vainly illusory.

Signed by the Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Huston reaches its highest level as the creator when he directs the jungle of asphalt, a dense and tense, the police style work and in which appeared an attractive Marilyn Monroe. Then came the red logo of the value, which was cut by the producer, but in whose remains it is still possible to discover the talent of its director in their best creative phase.

The mythical Queen of Africa, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn, was a very rough running. Carried out in the Congo, team had to overcome numerous difficulties of all kinds given the climate of the place. Years later, Clint Eastwood would roll White Hunter, black heart on the circumstances that made this shoot.

After the raids in the Bohemian and pictorial world of Toulouse-Lautrec in Moulin Rouge, and the work of Herman Melville Moby Dick, among other titles, comes to the 1960s and deals with rebel lives, a strange film that brought together a handful of personalities in crisis, from Clark Gable to the Monroe, Montgomery Clift, and with a screenplay by Arthur Miller. It is a work of beings and crepuscular atmosphere, halfway between the western and the intimate film that had and has the most contradictory opinions.

It then follows a variety of films that move between the failure and relative recognition, it stands out among all of them, reflections in a golden eye, which would have the excellent work of Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor, among others, and walk with love and death, a peculiar work in which the main characters were his daughter Anjelica and Asaf Dayanson in turn of the famous israeli general of the same last name. Set in the hundred years war, he finished not very happy in their work, but it's a film interesting, full of sincere romanticism that is given the hand with a cruel vision of life.

Although much of the film has autobiographical elements, perhaps city gold the most representative in this regard. Three years later manages to capture one of the projects that had been stroking more time and that, for various reasons, had never been able to realize. It's the man who could reign, a colonial adventure, in which two men leave in search of treasure to find death and mutilation. Although at the time it was not especially highlighted, the passage of time it has been revalued and today it is considered a classic of adventure film.

Old, at the end of the seventy wheel closer to one of his most significant works, wise blood, adapted from a novel by Flannery O'Connor, a preacher in the South of the United States.

One of his last important work was the honor of Prizzi, with Kathleen Turner and Jack Nicholson, which tells a story about hired killers who, in the midst of violence, contains interesting notes of humor.

Although his work is heavy, it should be noted that it has only made a handful of great films and lots of tapes that would be running in the best of cases. It is true that a good part of his work is a normal film, but anyway not be can haggle merits to a man who has managed to impregnate the film's vitality, not so much in terms of force but rather in terms of incorporating experience and life of its own.

Your interest and curiosity for the characters, with a lot of hard but also with a lot of losers, have enabled him to create a gallery of types, human and credible, representative of a society that moves between defeat and the desire to live at any cost. His own curiosity ends by getting viewers and invites you to dig deeper into their psychology.

His last work is the Dubliners, introspective, lyrical and testamental work. The man strong, sarcastic and somewhat tough for much of his filmography, see all the cultural potential of treasured. Without fighting, without Cowgirl and screaming, it puts into images a delicate and exquisite wonder.


As director:

Short films: 1978: Independence.

Feature films: 1941: the Maltese Falcon. 1942: As her own; Across the Pacific. 1948: The treasure of Sierra Madre; Cayo Largo. 1949: We Were Strangers.1950: the asphalt jungle. 1951: The Red Badge of Courege (Red value logo). 1952: the African Queen. 1953: Moulin Rouge; The mockery of the devil. 1956: Moby Dick. 1957: Only God knows it. 1958: The barbarian and the geisha; The roots of heaven. 1960: those who do not forgive. 1961: Rebel lives. 1962: Freud, secret passion. 1963: The last one in the list. 1964: The night of the iguana. 1965: the 1966 Bible: Casino Royale. 1967: Reflections in a golden eye. 1968: The jib can be expected. 1969: I walk with love and death; The Kremlin letter. 1972: Fat City/Golden City; The hanging judge. 1973: The Mackintosh man. 1975: The man who could reign. 1979: Blood wise. 1980: Phobia.1981: Evasion or victory. 1982: Annie.1983: under the volcano. 1985: Prizzi's honor. 1987: Los muertos (Dubliners).

As a screenwriter (in alien films): 1931: the House of contention. 1932: Double murder in the Morgue Street; Law and order. 1938: The amazing Dr. Clitterhouse; Jezabel.1939: Juarez. 1940: Dr. Erlich completo magic bullet. 1941: The last refuge; Sergeant York. 1943: Report from the Aleutians (short film). 1944: The Battle of San Pietro (short film). 1945: Let there bi light (short film). 1946: Three strangers; The stranger; Outlaws.

As actor (in alien films): 1963: Cardinal. 1968: Candy; Rocky road to Dublin. 1969: de Sade. 1970: Myra Breckinridge; The bridge in the jungle; The Gorge of the devil. 1971: The man from a savage land. 1973: Chinatown; Battle on the planet of the apes. 1975: The wind and the lion; Leak suicide. 1977: The Bermuda triangle; Tentaculos.1978: The visitor. 1979: Head on. 1980: Agee.