Biography of Gobernador de Valencia Ibn Raubas (s. XI)

Governor of Valencia, who lived in the eleventh century. Although his real name was Ibn Abd al - Aziz, he was better known as Ibn Raubas or Ibn Rawas.

He served in the Court of Valencia as Secretary Abul Hassan Abdel Aziz , part of a group of officers who called themselves "the four characters": were next to Ibn Raubas Ibn Talut, Ibn Abbas and Ibn al - Takuruni, who reached the post of Vizier. The death of Abdel Aziz in 1061 succeeded his son Abd al-Malik Al - Muzaffar. Ibn Raubas took over the Government of Valencia, being his talent praised by Ibn al - Jatib. In 1065 to Al - Muzaffar was dethroned by his father-in-law, Abul Hassan Yahya ibn Ismail of Toledo, the famous al-'mun, who left as Governor of the city to Ibn Raubas, who already ruled it. He retained power for ten years on behalf of the toledan Régulo, but on the death of al - Ma'mun in 1075, a revolt led by Abu Bakr ibn Abd al - Aziz, brother of al - Muzaffar, walked away from power to Ibn Raubas, who was imprisoned.


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