Biography of Juan de Idiáquez (1540-1614)

Born in Madrid in 1540, Spanish politician and died at Segovia in 1614, son of Alonso de Idiáquez, personal Secretary of Carlos V and Minister Counselor of State. He/She was raised in the House of the Prince don Carlos, making his page. He/She was Ambassador to Genoa and Venice. In 1579 he/she accompanied Granvelle on his trip to Spain and replaced as Royal Secretary Antonio Pérez. For Idiáquez, it was a quite unexpected appointment; at that time there was even not Secretary of the King, indispensable for access to the Secretary of State title. After the death of Granvelle, Felipe II formed a junta which had advise, and whose most prominent members were Idiáquez, who would be responsible for all matters relating to Foreign Affairs; Cristóbal de Moura and the count of Chinchón. This Board was reformed in 1593, with the idea that became an Advisory Council of the Prince Felipe, in case of the death of the King. But when Felipe II, died in 1598, the future Duke of Lerma privanza was imposed, the changes in the Government team were few and Idiáquez, as Minister of State, continued to be one of the most influential characters in the Government of Felipe III; and was compensated with various positions, including that of Chairman of the Board of orders; and he/she received the title of Duke of Villa Real for the successors of his house.