Biography of rey babilónico Iliman (ca. 1735-1710 a.C.)

(I-li-ma-AN or Ilu-ma-ilu or ILUMA - the) King of the country of the sea, which invaded Babylon in 1595 BC and gave place to the second dynasty of Babylon or dynasty of the country of the sea, who ruled between the 1595 and the 1570. This dynasty consisted of ethnic waste Sumerian and acadios, which acaudilló from Nippur a revolt in Sumer country against the Amorites Samsu-Iluna, son and successor of Hammurabi. Against Iliman, which prevented the access of Babylon to the Persian Gulf, there were also fighting the King Abi-Eshukh, as we know from the Babylonian Chronicle, but it did not succeed. The death of Iliman a such Itti-Ili-Nibi succeeded him on the throne. Iliman placed their capital at Eurukuga, still not located city.