Biography of Imire-mesha o Mermesha (ca. 1750 a.C.)

(Imi-ra-msha) King of the 13th dynasty Egyptian, who agreed to the power with the name neswt Semenkhkare bity. It is, most likely, a usurper of foreign origin adopted the title of Chief of the troops (Imire-mesha) with which has gone down in history. His reign not know anything. However, two seated statues colossal with his name, coming from Memphis, but located at Tanis have come, and that would later appropriate by Apofis, a King hicso, and Rameses II. On real Papyrus in Turin, is quoted after the King Khendjer and only appears his praenomen in the cartridge, but not his military title. He/She was succeeded by Intef IV.