Biography of Yolanda Ingianna Mainieri (s. XX)

Narrator, philosopher and Costa Rican University Professor, born in San José in the second half of the 20th century. Daughter of Italian parents in the small Central American country, from a young age showed a marked vocation towards humanistic studies, vocation which finally channeled through his studies of philosophy, pursued in the University of Costa Rica. Subsequently, Yolanda Ingianna expanded this knowledge at the University of Leuven, where he/she achieved the degree of doctor and specialized in epistemology, communications and women's studies.

Author of numerous articles and papers related to the areas of thought in which analysis has specialized (that appeared in the most prestigious University publications of his Hispanic-American environment and of the United States of America), in his native country plays an important role in consulting in various cultural institutions, and on several occasions he/she has abandoned its geographical scope to also advise to international organizations. His incessant activity is reflected not only in their study and research work, but also in the ongoing conferences pronounced in Costa Rica and abroad (in addition to Castilian, dominates the English, the French, Italian and Portuguese).

As a cultivator of literary creation, Yolanda Ingianna Mainieri had been announced in the last years of his career, when the withdrawal time has allowed devoted to his old passion for the genre of the short narrative. He/She has stood by their brilliant participation in the workshop of the University of Costa Rica at the end of the Decade of the 1980s and early 1990s, and some of his stories contained already in the major anthological shows samples of Costa Rican female narrative (as "good Friday", collected in stories of women).


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