Biography of Papa y Santo Inocencio I (401-417)

He was born in the Italian city of Albano. He/She opened the long catalogue of popes of this name. He/She ruled the Church of Christ from the year 401 to 417, and succeeded Anastasius I, Pope.

He always defended the peace and unity: "everyone must be what by the Prince of the Apostles, Pedro, was handed over to the Roman Church, and so far it has guarded".The provincial synods always propose "without prejudging the Roman Church, in all causes reverence should be kept". His steady hand and the heroism of the monk Telemachus, who was violently killed for opposing the gladiatorial combat, helped put an end to the bloody spectacles in the Roman amphitheatre. It condemned the doctrine of Pelagius. His successor was St. Zosimus.