Biography of Papa Inocencio II (1130-1143)

He was born in Rome and his real name was Gregorio Papareschi dei. It happened to Honorius II. It was Pope from 1130 to 1143. Began to be called el Santo Ángel de Gregorio in 1116 when Pascal II named him Cardinal of this title. In 1118 he/she accompanied Pope Gelasius II in his flight to France and was the Assistant asset of its successor, Calixto II. He/She worked with Cardinal Lamberto de Ostia, and the Pope Honorio II in the negotiation of the Concordat of Worms in 1112. The death of Honorio II was resurrected with violence the rivalries among the Frangipani family and the Pierleoni, who disputed the election of the high priests. Broke out the division, Honorio II fell ill of gravity in 1130. It agreed to appoint a Commission of eight Cardinals who will see the election of the new Pope when Honorius died. Two Cardinals composed her bishops, Cardinals three priests and three deacons Cardinals. Pierleoni included priests and deacons, Aymeric. A 13-day tumult, was raised to believe the town, Honorio I had died, but this appeared in a window to calm tempers, although he/she died that night.Aymeric fearing the consequences of the Schism resulted in the Commission by the two Cardinals of the Pierleoni, precipitated the election of the new Pope with the only competition present in the convent of San Gregorio, where was the deceased Honorio I. It was the burial of the corpse by means of simulation and to the election of the new Pope. Cardinal Pedro de Pisa not agreed to this, and others voted unanimously to the Cardinal of Santo Ángel, who took the name of Pope Innocent II. The cardinal St. Callixtus flew into a rage and is attracted to the Cardinals upset by the procedure of the Chancellor, and gathered at the Church of san Marcos, proceeded to new election without declaring null and void the previous. Pedro León was elected unanimously, that was acclaimed Pope under the name of Anacleto II. It took over the churches of Letran and San Pedro by weapons, and tried to assault the cloister of the Palladium, without success. Innocent II took to be consecrated by Cardinal Bishop of Ostia in the Santa María la Nueva Church, head of Chancellor Aymeric. The same day, Porto Pedro enshrining Anacleto II together to the confession of the Prince of the Apostles, introducing him in the Church of St.. Innocent II and Anacletus II tried to attract the votes of Christianity towards you. Innocent II had to flee at the end of Rome, fleeing to France, requesting its legitimacy to the King, Luis the crass. The King summoned a Council at Étampes, which was decided in favour of Pope Innocent II. This decision split the antipope Anacletus first Church of France, after Germany, England, Castile and Aragon. The Schism ended with reconciliation of Victor IV, successor of Anacleto II, with papa Inocencio II. In 1139, he/she met Pope Innocent II Council of Lateran II, who excommunicated Roger of Sicily. Innocent II fell prisoner of this and had to sign the conditions dictated to him, which were the recognition of his title of King, the ratification of new conquests in Capua and Apulia, and the lifting of the excommunication that weighed upon him. In compensation, Roger gave oath of allegiance to the Pope and promised the payment of an annual census. These were the terms of the Treaty of Miniano July 25, 1139.

The Government of innocent II appear as milestones of the various stages of its government councils that held and ecclesiastical requirements that they enacted: of Clermont Ferrand, in 1130, the Rheims in 1131, of Piacenza, in 1132, that of Pisa, in 1135, and the Lateran, in 1139.A his death, happened Celestine II.