Biography of Isaac ha-Gorní (s. XIII)

Jewish poet of the South of France, probably born at Aire-sur l'Adour, in the Landes (his Hebrew name is derived from goren, "was"). He traveled by the Pyrenean region and Provence from one place to another, in the style of the troubadours, looking for benefactors who praised with his poems, or ridiculed when they were not generous enough. Related to, among others, Abrahán Bedersí, at that time considered one of the great Hebrew poets of the South of France. We know some poems of Abrahán Bedersí disputing with has-Gorni and laughing at their claims of being a good poet.

His poetry preserved in a single manuscript, follows Al-Andalus techniques, and is stamp very realistic, informing about the status in which Jewish communities in the places you visit, as it is the case of Arles, and personal problems he has with them. His eventful life and their lack of understanding with the people of his time were reflected in his poems, original and sarcastic.


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