Biography of Isabel de Borbón. Queen of España (1609-1644)

Daughter of Henry IV of France and María de Médicis; He was born in Fointenebleau in 1609 and died in 1644. Still short age was promised the Prince of Piedmont, but then a double marriage of the Princess agreed with Felipe IV of Spain, and the sister of this, Ana of Austria, with Luis XIII of France, brother of Isabel. Consecrated since the interests of his Kingdom, he could not see with indifference the inevitable ruin to the desatentada administration of the count-Duke of Olivares was driving it, and worked regularly until his fall. Contributed effectively to raise an army of 50,000 men to hold the honor of the Spanish guns, and made that her husband became the head, leaving her as responsible for the Government; He died at twenty-three years of reign and forty-one age.