Biography of Iset-neferet (ca. 1289-ca. 1265 a.C.)

(Ist-nfrt) Royal wife of Pharaoh Rameses II, from the 19th dynasty, who had to Bant-anta, his eldest daughter, to Rameses, Crown Prince Khaemuaset, Prince "archaeologist" and Merenptah, who would later become Pharaoh. ISET-neferet, whose family background are ignored, had to share the title of Royal wife along with the beautiful Nefertari, the favourite of Rameses II, and then with his own daughter, Bant-anta. Despite dealing with the background and not having own constructions, it was figurative in some stelae, including Aswan and Gebel Silsileh, where it appears with her husband and children, with dresses and the typical headdress of ramessid period. Iset-neferet is also known for some fragmentary statues and busts. Your titulatura appears in a statue of his son Khaemuaset naofora, different shabtis and blocks of some buildings. An ostracon from the Cairo museum mentions the tomb of such Queen as existent in Thebes, in the Valley of the Queens, but have not yet been discovered. Ignored how the Queen died and in what exact year.