Biography of King of la taifa de Carmona Ishaq I (ca. 1020-1053)

King of the taifa of Carmona born about 1020 and died in 1053.

Pertenciente to the Berber family of the Banu Birzal, the Zanata tribe and sect Nakiri of the Ibadiyya Kharijite, Ishaq was son of Muhammad I of Carmona and inherited his Kingdom when it died in combat against the people of Seville in 1042. In his youth he/she received a careful education of Arabic and was remembered for his inclination to literature and its strict adherence to the spirit of the clan.

Ishaq, who like his father was affiliated to the Berber party and the cause of the Caliph hammudid, participated in actions against Sevilla, allied with other taifas opposite to the cause of the false Hisham II. In 1051 Ishaq went to the call for help from al-Muzaffar of Badajoz against Abu Amr Abbad of Seville, which had invaded the lands of aftasidas and was about to conquer Evora; the troops birzalies, under the command of al-Aziz, son and heir of Ishaq, were defeated by Seville in the surroundings of the city.

At his death he/she was succeeded by al - Aziz, that the taifa of Carmona was finally annexed by Sevilla.


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