Biography of King of Tiro y Sidón Itthobaal I (888-856 a.C.)

(Tb l or (E) ithobalos) Phoenician King of tyre and Sidon, father of Jezebel, which married Ahab of Israel. Itthobaal I was high priest of Astarte and reached the throne after murdering his predecessor and brother, name Felles. Thanks to his political skills, he/she could stay in the Government for 32 years. He/She founded some cities, including Botrys in Phoenicia and Auza in Libya. Josephus gives the title of "King of the Sidonians and the Tyrians", which speaks of control that took over the city of Sidon. He/She was succeeded by his son Baal-Azor (or Baalma Zer II).