Biography of Zar de Rusia Iván V (1666-1696)

Russia Tsar of the Romanov Dynasty, born August 27, 1666 in Moscow and died in the same city from January 29, 1696. It was the last son of the Tsar Alexei I Mijailovitch and his first wife, María Miloslavkaya. Some of his numerous brothers were the Regent Sofía Alekseieva and the also Tsar Feodor III, and among his half-brothers, the future Pedro I the great. Since his birth had physical and mental deficiencies: was almost blind, clumsy, weak, sickly locution and delayed means.

So, when in April 1682 died her brother Feodor, after having reigned for just six years, a special Assembly presided over by the Patriarch Joaquin wanted to appoint Tsar his half-brother Pedro, son of the second wife of Alexios, Natalia Narishkina, and the Regent. But against the Naryshkin Sofia, won that ambitious was going to claim power for herself and the family of his mother, the Miloslav. To gain the support of the imperial guard, the streltsy, whose strength was decisive, spread the rumor that the Naryshkin wanted to kill the young Ivan (she was sixteen years old). Thus, on 15 may, the streltsy and several thousand people went to the Kremlin and massacred several members of this family. They then asked the Assembly Ivan and Pedro reinason together, and that Sofia exercising as Regent. The coronation was held July 6, 1682.

Became to both Czars two thrones, two crowns and two scepters exactly the same, but the differences in character between both brothers were evident. Ivan, unable to govern, not attending any matter, and needed the help of servants, while Pedro, despite being younger (ten years), was very dynamic and earned the esteem of the people. Soon Sofia, to favour Iván V, away you Court. Soon after, Ivan later marriage, thanks also to the efforts of his sister, with Prascovia, daughter of Fedor Saltikov; to the surprise of many he/she would have with her five daughters, María (1689), Feodosia (1690), Catalina (1692), the future Tsarina Anna (1693) and Prascovia (1694), but not a male who had probably prolonged the Regency of Sophia. In any case, for several years it took over all the Affairs of Government.

In August 1689 his half-brother Pedro would be with power, confined to Sofia in the Novodevichy Convent; his life and until his formal status of zar were respected, since it was politically harmless and actually never had the Government in his hands. In such conditions would live even several years, up to 1696, dying with only thirty of age.


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