Biography of Charles Ives (1874-1954)

American composer. He/She received the first lessons from his father, who was a director of Orchestra. With 17 years composed a set of Variations on America, which had the bold idea of writing Duets for two orchestras; each played in a key and different rhythms, which led to anticipate Stravinsky in the use of the polyrhythms, Milhaud in polytonality and Bartók in dissonance. From 1894 he/she studied composition with Horatio Parker at Yale University. Composer that frequently used popular American songs or rhythms of the Puritans, Ives did not write to be interpreted and, in her life only came twice to hear his works. One of his main works is Second Sonata. Concord, mass. 1840-1860 (1922), work for piano that was performed partially in the Salzburg Festival from 1928 and entirely by Kirkpatrick in New York in 1939. The 114 Songs (1884-1921) were printed by the same composer, and released in Paris in 1931 and in Berlin in 1932. From 1930 the health problems made him abandon the composition.