Biography of Yolanda Izard Anaya (1959-VVVV)

Spanish writer, born in 1959 in Béjar (Salamanca). To date (1998), has published two volumes of poetry that his voice among the most prominent of young contemporary Spanish poetry.

His first poetry collection, dedicated to the poet Aníbal Núñez, was born in 1983, under the title of relics of the Goblin. In this debut was a clear attempt by the author, of overcoming the limits of reality through conscious immersion into the mysteries of a new imagined nature. Love was also present in these first compositions of Yolanda Izard Anaya, embodied in three stages - or, in the words of the author herself, "scales" - that is materialised "querencia, gloom and ludus".

Fourteen years later, bejarana poet surprised with its second - and expected - poetic delivery, entitled sleeper and the bride (Madrid: Sinmar, 1997). Here, the exposure of the aesthetic principles of his poetic appears again linked to the expression of the feeling of love; but, now, are pain and tenderness who regulate a creative doing that "comes from the dream and goes toward the discouragement," to finish in the explicit depiction of forgetfulness, loneliness, sadness and, in a nutshell, the failure of that loving experience: "only know since your loneliness precedes you, / you see the essence of things in it". All wrapped up in a steady evocation of the mystical aesthetic, which accurately reflect a deep feeling of emptiness, of eternal helplessness of man, of loss of Eden promised: "I, who I wanted to on the red apples / while decorating my waist snake".