Biography of King of Inglaterra Jacobo II (1633-1701)

King of England, born in 1633 and died in 1701. He/She was the second son of Carlos I and France Enriqueta. During the revolution he/she bore the title of Duke of York; having fallen prisoner of Faixfax, women escaped and went to France, where he/she served at the orders of Touraine. When Luis XIV made peace with Cronwell, he/she left France and moved to the Netherlands, where he/she served in the Spanish armies. After the restoration of his brother Carlos on the throne, he/she was appointed Admiral of England and distinguished himself in the war against the Netherlands. He/She succeeded his brother in 1685; He/She repressed the insurrection of the Duke of Monmouth and Duke of Argyle, but soon the projects announced to re-establish Catholicism in three kingdoms, they rose up against it to the nation. Ignored the warnings made by Luis XIV, and Guillermo de Orange left his son-in-law intrigue in England, and make a landing at the head of an army in 1688. Abandoned and sold by all, embarked the following year and went to France, where Luis XIV made him the more welcome lisonjera. Having been awarded the Crown to Guillermo, Jacobo he/she made a landing in Ireland and came to Dublin; but defeated in the battle of the Boyne, he/she had to return to France, where he/she finished his days. Médicis María, his second wife, had a son, who later was known with the name of the suitor, for the efforts they made to regain the Crown of his father. He/She left a memoir that were destroyed.