Biography of King of Escocia Jacobo IV (1473-1513)

King of Scotland, son only and successor James III, born 17 March 1473 and died 9 September 1513. At the death of his father, which, as it seems, took part, ascended the throne, and during his reign was shown as a skilled ruler, although somewhat fickle in the Affairs of Government.

Attempts to pacify their territories led him to fight against the Duke of Lennox, who had adopted his father, Jacobo III, shirt by banner and also to fight against the jefecillos of the Islands. He/She married his cousin, Catalina Gordon, with the Duke of York, who was captured by the English at Exeter; the King then decided to sign with these a lull of seven years, materialized in the Treaty of Ayton (1497), and again a year later, of St. Andrews, which already provided a more stable peace.

He married Margaret, the daughter of Enrique VII, in 1503, although he/she made war on the latter. During the years 1503 and 1504 it was used putting new revolt of the nobility, but, the culminating year of his reign was, without doubt, 1507, when he/she was in excellent relations with the leading world powers, France, Spain, Denmark and England, and even with the Papacy, which earned him recognition and affection of his subjects.

The death of his father-in-law in 1509, put an end to this state of affairs, since his successor, Enrique VIII, resumed hostilities last, forcing the King, bowing to suggestions Britain Ana, to ally themselves with Luis XII, King of France, to make the war to the English. At the head of his army, Jacobo IV was launched to combat, and was killed at the battle of Floden, which also perished much of the Scottish nobility. He/She was succeeded by his son James V.