Biography of King of Aragón Jaime II (1267-1327)

Jaime II, King of Aragon.

King of Aragon from the year 1291 to the 1327. He/She was born in Valencia in 1267 and died in Barcelona in 1327. Second child of Pedro III and his wife Constanza of Sicily.

On the death of his father, he/she inherited the Kingdom of Sicily in 1286. He/She defeated his competitor Carlos of Anjou, whose maritime forces were undone more than one meeting by the Aragonese Admiral Roger of Lauria. He/She conquered Calabria and the islands of the Gulf of Napoles.fue crowned King of Aragon in 1291 to the death of his brother Alfonso III, and made an alliance with the King of Castile.

With the King of Castile, Sancho IV, they sealed a Covenant in Monteagudo in 1291 and it helped him in his campaigns against the Arabs in Exchange for support against the French. The daughter of Sancho went into treatment and, despite his eight years of age, was sent to Aragon to marry her with Jaime II; but three years later it returned it to Castilla as Pope Bonifacio VIII did not grant marriage dispensation.

The Treaty of Anagni between France and Aragon, for which Aragón should return Sicily but received the rights to Corsica and Sardinia was established in 1295. But his brother Fadrique, who had become Governor, objected to this armed hand; the latter squad defeated in 1299. That same year, reinforced the Pact with the wedding of Jaime II with Blanca de Anjou, daughter of Carlos of Anjou.

He founded the University of Lleida in 1300. He/She instituted the military order of chivalry of Nuestra Señora de Montesa, which was approved by Pope Juan XXII in 1317, in order to fight against the Muslims; it banished from its territory to the Knights Templar. He/She founded the University of Lleida. At the end of his reign, in 1325, the Cortes gathered in Saragossa agreed excision of torment. Married four times: with Isabella of Castile, Blanca de Naples, María of Cyprus and Elisenda de Moncada. Only had offspring with his second wife and successor was his son Alfonso. He/She died at the age of 66 and was buried next to his father, Pedro III, in the monastery of Santas Creus.