Biography of Jean Moréas. (1856-1910)

French poet of Greek origin. Jean Moréas is the pseudonym of Joannis Papadiamantopoulos. Born in Athens, and died in Saint-Mandé. From one illustrious Greek family, when he/she settled in Paris in 1877, was devoted to frequent literary circles. He/She signed the manifesto of symbolism in Le Figaro, in 1886; It belonged to this movement until 1891, year founded École romane for bringing to light the French romance. His works in verse include doves and snakes, 1878, work published in Athens. In Paris, of a Symbolist nature, published: Las Sirtes, 1884; and the cantilenas, 1886. Following a line more Classicist find his best work: the rooms, 1899-1920, which consists of 7 books. Among the books in prose: Iphigenia, 1903, and an essay entitled variations on the life and books, 1910.