Biography of Jeanette (1951-VVVV)

British singer, born in London on October 10, 1951. His mother was Spanish and his father of French origin. In 1953 he moved with his parents to Los Angeles (USA), where he spent virtually all of his childhood. In 1967, after the divorce of his parents, he returned to Spain.

In 1968 he formed the Group Pic Nic with a few friends and composed his first song shut up girl, which was a great success. The following year he moved to Austria, where she married Laszlo and had a daughter.In 1970 he returned to Spain and Hispavox label House hired her as a solo singer. He recorded one of his greatest hits, I'm rebel, followed by others such as promises, words of José Luis Perales; Because you're (1972); Today we said goodbye (1974); I come from a dream of love (1974); Heart of a poet (1982), or crazy for music (1989).In 1996, he presented his album greatest hits compilation entitled still being rebellious.