Biography of Zizi Jaenmaire (1924-VVVV)

Dancer and star of French music-hall, born in Paris on April 24, 1924, whose real name Renée Jeanmaire.

He joined the school of Opera in Paris in 1933 and made his debut with the company in 1939, although he/she abandoned it five years later to give recitals. Danced in the soirées de la Danse, organized by Irène Lidova at the Théâtre Sarah Bernhardt in Paris, which premiered Le poète (1945) of Roland Petitballet, among others choreographer whom he/she married in 1954. He/She was a ballerina of the Nouveau Ballet de Monte Carlo (1946), Original Ballet Russe of Colonel de Basil(1947) and Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit (1948-53). In these companies, he/she released Aubade (1946) and Pygmalion (1946) of Sergei Lifar, as well as the Petit ballets: that le Diable l'Emporte (1948), L'Oeuf a Coke (1949), Carmen (1949), led to the cinema in 1950 together with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Pas d'action (1949), Le rêve de Leonor (1949) and La Croqueuse de Diamants (1950). He/She went to the United States in 1953 as a dancer, singer and actress of musicals, music hall and shows films, among them Hans Christian Andersen (1951), Anything Goes (1956) and pattern (1959) Petit, and The Girl in Pink Tights (1953) of Agnes de Mille. In 1970, the marriage bought the Casino de Paris, where Zizi premiered the ballets of Petit Revue of Roland Petit (1970) and Zizi Je T'Aime (1972). He/She returned to l' Opéra de Paris for the premiere of Parfume Suite (1977), and subsequently went on to dance with the Ballet de Marseille, where Petit created for it: La Chauve Souris (1979), Parisiana (1979), Hollywood Paradise (1984) and the role of Carabosse in the sleeping beauty (1990). He/She won a record Award for songs of La Croqueuse de Diamants (1950) and the title of the French Legion of Honor (1974).